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What is the best method for cleaning a roof?

Roof cleaning is a vital yet frequently underestimated aspect of property maintenance. Many homeowners and business managers overlook this crucial task, not realizing the significant benefits it brings.

A clean roof plays a pivotal role in extending the lifespan of your property. By regularly undertaking roof cleaning, you can prevent various structural issues that often result from the accumulation of organic growth such as moss, algae, and lichen on roof tiles. This not only preserves the structural integrity of your roof but also helps maintain the property’s value.

The process involves removing debris and organic growth that can compromise the condition of roof tiles. When left unchecked, this growth can lead to moisture retention and eventual tile damage, necessitating costly repairs.

The choice of roof cleaning method is paramount. While pressure washing is a popular choice, it’s essential to evaluate its suitability for your specific roof type. For many roofs, especially those with delicate tiles, less abrasive methods such as soft washing or steam cleaning may be more appropriate.

In this post, we will explore the best methods for roof cleaning, focusing on those that are not only effective but also the safest for your roof.

We understand the importance of preserving the quality of your roof tiles while removing unwanted growth, and our approach ensures that we achieve this goal without compromising the longevity of your roof.

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Importance of roof cleaning

Roofs, constantly exposed to weathering and environmental factors such as leaf drop, moss growth, and harsh conditions, are at risk of deterioration. Regular cleaning mitigates these effects, facilitating routine inspections and maintenance that can extend a roof’s life by 10 to 20 years.

Removing harmful substances like moss, algae, and lichen is vital in averting potential structural issues. These organisms, particularly moss spores, can cause significant damage to roof tiles, including concrete tiles and ridge tiles.

Moss absorbs moisture, leading to a build-up that weighs down and deteriorates roofing materials. Regular roof cleaning, especially steam cleaning, not only eliminates existing growth but also helps prevent future moss growth.

A professional roof cleaning service can efficiently handle the build-up of moss and natural debris, ensuring your roof remains in optimal condition.

Whether you have a traditional or modern type of roof, getting your roof cleaned regularly is a proactive step towards maintaining your property’s value and safety.

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Common roof cleaning methods

Moss removal

This method involves meticulously scraping moss from roof tiles. It’s a crucial step in preventing water accumulation and damp problems.

Moss removal is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the roof, as moss spores can retain moisture, leading to roof damage. Regular maintenance, including moss removal, is essential for prolonging the life of the roof and preventing expensive repairs.

Removing moss helps preserve the original colour of the tiles and is especially important in damp conditions where moss thrives.

Soft wash roof cleaning

This gentler approach employs a low-pressure application of cleaning solutions, typically bleach-based, to effectively clean roofs. Soft wash cleaning is particularly suitable for older tiles and those types that might sustain damage from high-pressure methods.

This method thoroughly removes moss, algae, and surface dirt without risking damage to the tiles. It’s ideal for cleaning your roof while preserving its integrity.

Pressure wash roof cleaning

This method uses a high-pressure washer to remove dirt, grime, and algae from the roof. However, it’s important to note that pressure washing is not suitable for all types of tiles, such as clay tiles or older, more delicate tiles.

While effective in removing surface dirt in a short period, pressure washing can potentially damage roofs, especially those with fragile or loose tiles.

Steam cleaning

Perfect for delicate roofs or removing stubborn lichen, steam cleaning uses low-pressure, high-temperature steam. This method is highly effective for a full roof clean, targeting algae spores and ensuring the whole roof is cleaned thoroughly.

Steam cleaning is less abrasive than traditional power washing and is ideal for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the roof in harsh weather conditions.

Selecting the right roof cleaning method depends on the type of roof, the extent of moss and algae growth, and the desired outcome. Regularly cleaning your roof with the appropriate method can prevent future growth of moss and algae, protect your property from potential damage, and maintain the roof’s original appearance.

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Factors to consider in roof cleaning

Roof material

The type of tiles on your roof plays a significant role in deciding the cleaning method. Slate or clay tiles are more resilient and can handle the rigor of pressure washing.

In contrast, concrete or porous tiles may require gentler methods, such as soft washing or steam cleaning, to avoid damage.

Cleaning objectives

Your goals for roof cleaning are crucial in determining the approach. If your aim is to restore the roof to its original condition, more thorough methods like pressure washing or steam cleaning may be necessary. However, for basic moss removal, simpler techniques might suffice.

Roof cleaning cost

The cost of roof cleaning varies significantly depending on several factors. These include the chosen cleaning method, the size of the roof, and the type of roofing material. Accessibility also plays a role – roofs that are more challenging to access may incur higher costs.

Additionally, the extent of dirt, moss, or algae coverage can affect the overall price. It’s essential to consider these variables when budgeting for roof cleaning services.

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Why DOFF steam cleaning is the optimal solution for roof cleaning?

DOFF steam cleaning emerges as a superior choice for roof cleaning, combining safety and effectiveness:

Low-pressure, High-temperature cleaning

This method delicately cleans roof tiles using low pressure and high temperature, ensuring tiles are left looking as good as new without sustaining damage. It’s especially effective for removing moss and dirt while preserving the integrity of delicate materials like clay tile.


DOFF steam cleaning’s adaptability is a significant advantage. It effectively cleans various materials, including metal roofing systems and solar panels, without causing harm, making it a versatile tool in a roof cleaner’s arsenal.

Efficient maintenance

Regular application of this method aids in maintaining the roof’s integrity. By preventing minor issues from escalating, DOFF steam cleaning helps avoid costly repairs. It ensures that every square metre of the roof, from tiles to gutters, remains in optimal condition, removing moss and preventing future build-up while ensuring the surface remains undamaged.

Incorporating DOFF steam cleaning into regular roof maintenance schedules not only keeps roofs clean but also extends their lifespan, making it a preferred choice for pressure washing and roof moss removal tasks.

roof tile and roof moss removal


In summarizing, while various methods like pressure washing and soft washing have their advantages, DOFF steam cleaning emerges as the standout choice for roof cleaning, especially for delicate or varied roof materials. Regular, professional roof cleaning is indispensable for preserving both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your roof. It’s crucial to select a reputable roof cleaner to ensure longevity and prevent damage to your roof tiles.

Expert recommendation

Prioritize engaging with a trusted contractor for your roof cleaning needs. Poor workmanship not only detracts from the aesthetic but also significantly reduces the lifespan of your roof. Remember, the health of your roof also hinges on proper ventilation and the use of appropriate local materials, especially during re-roofing.

For further personalized advice and superior roof cleaning services, including the highly recommended DOFF steam cleaning, feel free to contact our experienced team. We’re here to ensure your roof remains in pristine condition, enhancing both its appearance and longevity.

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