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Every roof, no matter how sturdy, succumbs to the natural elements over time. Dirt, moss, algae, and debris all build up, impacting not just the appearance, but also the lifespan of your roof tiles. At Doff Steam Cleaning, we offer a comprehensive roof cleaning service that not only refreshes the look but also extends the life of your property’s roof.

What to expect after your roof is cleaned?

Our professional roof cleaning service not only removes moss and algae but also enhances the overall look of your property. You can rest assured knowing that your property’s roof has been cleaned manually or through the most advanced cleaning services, prolonging its life and enhancing its beauty.

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Our roof cleaning method

At Doff Steam Cleaning, we understand that each roof cleaning project is unique. That’s why our first step is to conduct an assessment to determine the best method for your roof type. We use a range of techniques like steam cleaning and biocide treatment to ensure your roof is moss-free and looks like new.

Pressure washer vs soft wash

We use high-pressure washing for durable materials and a soft wash roof cleaning method for more delicate tiles. Both are designed to remove moss, algae, and debris in a very short period.

Moss spores and algae

Our moss removal service doesn’t just remove visible moss growth – we also deal with moss spores to prevent future build-up.

Safety and debris removal

Your gutters and surrounding areas are kept free from debris during the whole process, and all our services meet the necessary safety standards.

Roof Tile Cleaning
Our low-pressure high-temperature DOFF steam system cleaning equipment ensures that your roof tiles are left looking as good as new.
Shingle Roof Cleaning
Shingle roofing is known for homes and residential roofing, but shingles are very often used for steep-slope commercial roofing application. We can clean and restore shingle roofs to the way they looked in the past.

Why choose Doff Steam Cleaning for your roof cleaning needs?

Versatile cleaning methods

Cost-efficient solutions

From soft wash roof cleaning to high-pressure washing, we choose the right method tailored to your roof type. Whether you have clay tiles or concrete tiles, our cleaning method ensures no damage and optimal results.

Wondering how much does roof cleaning cost? As a medium-sized company, we strike a balance between quality and cost, offering competitive roof cleaning prices without compromising on results.

Metal Roof Cleaning
Most metal roofing systems use corrugated galvanized steel, although other materials such as aluminium or tin can also be used. We are able to restore metal roofs to the way they looked in the past.
Solar Panel Roof Cleaning
To keep your solar panels efficient it can be necessary to appoint a professional solar panel cleaning company. Our teams use the efficient access strategies to clean your solar panels. No matter where they are positioned on your building we will be able to access and clean.

Specialised moss eemoval

Safety and professionalism

With moss growth being a frequent issue, our experienced roof cleaning company employs biocide treatment and hand scraping to ensure your roof remains moss-free, extending the time between cleans.

Our professional roof cleaners are trained to manage roofs of all types and inclines, ensuring a safe cleaning process for both our team and your property.

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