Render Cleaning

Care must be taken when cleaning render to ensure that the surface is not broken or compromised

What is render cleaning used for?

Many buildings are now being rendered from housing to big commercial properties. Rendering can make a building look bright and professional however once it starts to get dirty it can be a real let down. Over time render may start to develop biological growth which may show up as black, red or green staining.


How do we clean render?

Our render cleaning approach uses DOFF superheated steam cleaning at 150C to kill off organic spores and help prevent regrowth. We also use a product called Biowash to help break down the biological growth and bring your render back to its former glory and just to make sure the job is done properly we finish off with another wash over with the DOFF system. So if you have some troublesome staining on your Render give us a call and see how we can help you.

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