Revive your property with professional render cleaning

Care must be taken when cleaning render to ensure that the surface is not broken or compromised

Breathe life back into your property

Rendered walls can significantly enhance the appeal of a home or commercial building. However, over time, these walls can lose their lustre due to organic growth, atmospheric pollution, and general wear and tear. With our specialised render cleaning services, we ensure that every square inch of your rendered property regains its original charm.


Enhance property value and aesthetic appeal

A clean rendered surface is more than just a visual delight – it’s an investment. A well-maintained exterior boosts your property’s market value and curbside appeal. Let us help you make the best impression.

Render cleaning

Why choose our render cleaning services?

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Effective removal of organic growth

Stains from green algae, mildew mould, and other greenery can mar the appearance of your render. Our cleaning process, using state-of-the-art render cleaning chemicals, not only removes these stubborn marks but also prevents their recurrence.

Safe and non-damaging techniques

While pressure washing might seem like an answer, it can damage the render. Our soft washing technique, combined with the DOFF superheated steam cleaning system, ensures that all dirt is removed without harming the rendered surface.

Extended protection with biowash

Our use of Biowash, a specially formulated render cleaning solution, helps break down organic spores and offers residual protection. This means your render stays cleaner for longer!

Suitable for all render types

Whether you have pebble dash, dry dash finishes, or coloured render, our render cleaning services are tailored to suit every type, ensuring that the original render is preserved while achieving a clean, attractive finish.

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Additional benefits of our render cleaning

Eco-friendly approach

Our cleaning chemicals are not only effective but also eco-friendly. This means while we bring back the shine to your render, we ensure the environment isn’t compromised.

Expertise in tackling tough stains

From removing grease to tackling the harshest stains, our render cleaning solution combined with our expertise ensures no stain is too stubborn for us.

Hydrophobic coating

Once cleaned, we can apply a hydrophobic coating to ensure your render remains low maintenance and resistant to future stains.

Rediscover the beauty of your rendered property

Don’t let algae growth, mould spores, or everyday dirt take away the beauty of your rendered walls. Trust our comprehensive render cleaning services to rejuvenate every exterior surface of your property.

Contact us today to witness a transformation that not only uplifts the aesthetic of your property but also increases its value. Let us help you make a lasting impression!

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