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Can you use a cherry picker to access a roof?

Absolutely! When it comes to maintaining, cleaning, or inspecting roofs, a cherry picker offers a highly recommended, safe, and efficient alternative to traditional methods such as ladders and scaffolding.

Cherry pickers, also known as boom lifts, provide secure and stable access to high areas, making them an ideal choice for various tasks that require height access.

The advantages of using cherry picker hire for roof access are numerous. Firstly, cherry pickers allow for precise positioning, thanks to their flexible design, including articulated boom lifts and truck mounted cherry pickers.

These machines are perfectly suited for navigating around obstacles typically found in roof work. Whether you need to maneuver through tight spaces or reach over physical barriers, cherry pickers are designed to handle complex environments effortlessly.

Moreover, the versatility of cherry pickers makes them suitable for a wide range of applications in facilities management. From simple gutter cleaning to more complex roof repairs, the use of a cherry picker ensures that workers can perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

The deployment of a boom lift is crucial for accessing difficult-to-reach areas without compromising on stability or safety.

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Why choose a cherry picker for roof access?

Safety and stability

Cherry pickers provide a stable platform which significantly reduces the risk of falls and injuries associated with roof work. These machines are designed with integral safety features such as guardrails and harness points, which bolster security for workers, making them ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

The stability is especially important when working on rough terrain or uneven surfaces, where traditional ladders would pose a significant risk.

Ease of access

With the array of cherry pickers available, such as telescopic and articulating boom lifts, selecting the perfect fit for your specific roof access needs becomes straightforward.

Articulating boom lifts, for example, excel in navigating around obstacles and extending overhangs, crucial for tasks like gutter cleaning and facade maintenance. These lifts are particularly effective in small spaces where a mounted cherry picker could provide the necessary reach without the footprint of larger equipment.


Opting to hire a cherry picker can prove more economical than installing scaffolding, particularly for one-off or brief tasks. It eradicates both the setup and dismantle time.

By renting, you have the flexibility to choose a machine that precisely meets the requirements of each specific job, ensuring efficient use of resources and time.

Moreover, the variety of power options available—from electric units for indoor applications to diesel-powered models for external applications—allows for cost savings tailored to the job environment.


The versatility of cherry pickers is unmatched, with models that can reach heights from 20 feet to over 180 feet and that are capable of handling different terrains and environmental conditions.

This adaptability makes them suitable not only for roof access but also for other tasks such as facade cleaning and painting. Whether you need equipment for construction sites or more delicate indoor settings, there is a cherry picker to suit the range of access challenges faced in these environments.

In essence, whether the project involves indoor or outdoor work, the extensive range of cherry pickers available today ensures that there is a specific model legally able to operate in your required setting, offering a safe and efficient work platform for a multitude of tasks.

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Considerations when using cherry pickers

Choosing the right model

When considering cherry picker hire for your building, decorating, or maintenance tasks, selecting the appropriate model is crucial.

The choice hinges on the specific requirements of the job, including the height and complexity. For tasks in confined spaces, smaller, more agile lifts are perfect, while larger models with extensive reach and higher load capacities are essential for more demanding applications.

These versatile tools are available for both short-term and long-term hire, ensuring you have the right equipment for the job at hand.

For those unsure of which model best suits their needs, tool hire companies often provide detailed guides and are ready to assist. Don’t hesitate to consult with professionals if you’re in the UK and need advice on cherry picker options.

Hiring with an operator

For optimal safety and efficiency, it is advisable to hire cherry pickers with qualified and experienced operators. This approach ensures that the equipment operates safely and effectively, adhering to all legal standards.

Operators bring the expertise needed to manoeuvre and position the lift correctly, greatly reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the task completes within regulatory compliance. This is especially beneficial for DIY enthusiasts or teams without specialised training in the operation of such machinery.

Site assessment

Conducting a thorough site assessment before the arrival of the cherry picker is imperative. This assessment helps ensure that the ground conditions and surrounding environment are suitable for the operation of the chosen model.

Factors like ground stability, overhead obstacles, and access routes play a significant role in determining the most suitable cherry picker and any additional safety measures that may be necessary.

Proper site assessment aids in preventing operational delays and ensures that the cherry picker can perform efficiently and safely, making it a critical step in the planning process. If you’re ever in doubt about the conditions on your site, many cherry picker hire companies offer to perform these assessments as part of their service packages.

legally operate cherry picker hire

Maximizing roof work safety with the right cherry picker

Using a cherry picker for roof access provides a highly practical solution that enhances safety, efficiency, and versatility for various high-altitude tasks such as gutter cleaning, roof repairs, or facade maintenance.

Cherry pickers offer considerable stability and reach, crucial for safely and effectively completing elevated jobs. It is vital to select the right type and size of cherry picker—whether it be a compact chassis for smaller spaces or a truck-mounted cherry picker for more extensive reach—to suit the specific demands of your project.

Additionally, hiring a professional operator can greatly augment the safety and efficiency of your operations, ensuring all tasks are carried out with expert precision and adherence to legal operation standards.

When deciding on cherry picker hire, pay close attention to the equipment’s capability to operate in your required setting, whether indoors or outdoors. Consider tool hire options that deliver versatility for various trade needs, commonly including models that can be raised to heights up to 25 meters—ideal for even the most demanding tasks.

If you are in need of a cherry picker, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer cherry picker hire services with a reach of up to 25 meters, capable of handling even the most challenging tasks.

Opting for our hire service with an operator is your best choice to ensure that your work is performed in a professional and safe manner. For bookings or more detailed inquiries, give us a phone call today and let us help you get the job done right.

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