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When to choose TORC blasting for surface cleaning

Surface cleaning plays a pivotal role in the upkeep of buildings, particularly in commercial environments and heritage sites.

The removal of dirt particles and stubborn soiling from hard surfaces like ceramic tiles or other materials demands a method that not only preserves the integrity of these surfaces but also ensures they are thoroughly clean.

While traditional methods like dry cleaning, semi-dry cleaning, manual cleaning, soak cleaning, and foam cleaning cater to different surfaces, TORC blasting emerges as a revolutionary technique, tailor-made for challenging scenarios. This purpose cleaner excels in meticulously removing dirt and restoring the aesthetic and structural aspects of various surfaces.

This article aims to explore TORC blasting in depth, examining its unique approach to tackle surface cleaning, its diverse applications, and identifying scenarios where it’s the most effective method to clean surfaces, ensuring a spotless and well-preserved outcome.

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What is TORC Blasting?

TORC Blasting, a pioneering non-obtrusive restoration technology developed by Stonehealth Limited, marks a significant advancement in the field of surface cleaning. This method is not only environmentally friendly but also exceptionally effective in removing tough carbon build-up, mould, grime, and paint from various surfaces.

TORC Blasting employs a unique combination of water and very fine calcium carbonate. These elements, propelled by high-pressure air in a circular motion, ensure a thorough cleaning process with minimal chemical use.

This technology adeptly avoids pulling or abrading the surfaces, making it ideal for delicate areas like ceramic tiles and hard surfaces. Its capability to remove dirt, grease, stains, and even stubborn soiling from diverse surfaces without leaving microscopic dust particles sets it apart as a purpose cleaner.

Unlike conventional disinfecting products, TORC Blasting doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals, ensuring a safer environment while effectively wiping away dirt and bacteria. The process, which uses a small amount of liquid, is highly concentrated and precise, making it ideal for surfaces ranging from glass and wood to carpets.

By utilising a specialised pad and avoiding common cleaning pitfalls like excessive soap, oil residue, or dust accumulation, TORC Blasting provides an unparalleled level of cleanliness, simultaneously disinfecting and protecting the surfaces it treats.

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Applications of TORC Blasting:

TORC Blasting, a highly specialised surface cleaning technique, serves multiple purposes:

Post-construction cleaning

It effectively removes dirt particles and construction debris, including stubborn residues on different surfaces, ensuring a pristine finish post-construction.

Restorative cleaning methods

Ideal for restoring hard surfaces to their original state, it safely eliminates grease, stains, and layers of accumulated dirt without causing surface damage.

Removing pollutants and grime

TORC Blasting excels in dislodging deeply embedded pollutants and grime, offering a level of cleanliness traditional methods often miss.

Carbon sulphation, smoke damage, and oil removal

Its highly concentrated cleaning approach is perfect for tackling carbon sulphation, smoke damage, and oil stains, especially on surfaces like glass, wood, and floors where gentle yet effective cleaning is paramount.

Cement-based paints and limescale damage removal

This method skillfully handles the removal of tough cement-based paints and limescale, ensuring the integrity of the surface is maintained.

Bird fouling

TORC Blasting efficiently cleans surfaces soiled by bird droppings, using its unique liquid and air combination to break down and wipe away these challenging deposits.

By avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and excessive wiping, TORC Blasting provides a safe, effective, and eco-friendly alternative to conventional disinfecting products.

Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including delicate materials that require careful handling to avoid pulling or abrasion.

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When to choose TORC Blasting?

TORC Blasting is the go-to method in several key scenarios:

Restorative cleaning of heritage sites

It excels in gently removing dirt and residues from delicate surfaces such as limestone, sandstone, granite, and marble. Its soft approach ensures these surfaces remain scratch-free and maintain their natural properties.

Cleaning building facades and modern cladding

Traditional cleaning might be too abrasive for these surfaces. TORC Blasting, with its gentle yet effective technology, safely removes grime and dirt without rubbing or scratching.

Restoring facades to original condition

This method is highly effective on varied materials, including concrete, brick, stone, marble, and different metals. It removes grease, stains, and bacteria without the harsh impact of chemicals like bleach, providing a clean and natural finish.

Eco-rriendly cleaning

As a sustainable and gentle alternative, TORC Blasting uses liquids in a controlled, dampened manner, ensuring no harmful substances affect the air or the objects being cleaned.

Its ability to disinfect and clean surfaces like wood, glass, vinyl, and even countertops without using aggressive abrasives or soap makes it an environmentally sound choice.

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In conclusion, TORC Blasting stands as a revolutionary and highly versatile surface cleaning technology. Its effectiveness in post-construction cleaning, restorative methods, and removal of stubborn pollutants and debris on a variety of surfaces, including heritage sites, commercial facades, and modern cladding, is unparalleled.

The gentle yet powerful nature of TORC Blasting makes it ideal for delicate and hard surfaces alike, ensuring their integrity while providing thorough cleaning.

As an eco-friendly option, it replaces harsh chemicals and abrasive methods with a sustainable and effective solution. With its numerous advantages and wide range of applications, TORC Blasting is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a superior surface cleaning method.

If you’re looking for a professional and environmentally responsible way to maintain and restore the beauty of your buildings, TORC Blasting is the solution.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist in making your surfaces look their best, naturally and safely.

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