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For what purposes can a cherry picker be hire?

The cherry picker, a type of mobile lifting equipment, has evolved significantly since its inception. Originally designed for the agricultural task of harvesting fruit in orchards, this versatile machinery has transcended its initial purpose, becoming an indispensable tool across a plethora of industries.

Its design, centred around a flexible reach and mobility, allows for efficient completion of tasks in high places.

As industries and technology have advanced, so have the applications and capabilities of cherry pickers. Today, they encompass a range of types, including boom lifts and articulated boom lifts, each designed to tackle specific challenges.

Boom lifts, known for their extended reach and stability, are perfect for projects requiring height and depth, while articulated boom lifts offer the added advantage of reaching over and around obstacles, making them ideal for use in tight spaces and complex environments.

Choosing the right cherry picker hire involves considering several factors, such as the nature of the task, the environment in which it will operate, and the specific requirements of the job.

Whether it’s navigating rough terrain on a construction site, accessing small spaces within facilities management, or requiring specific power options for indoor use, there’s a cherry picker suited to every need. Moreover, the evolution of cherry pickers has led to designs with compact chassis, ensuring they can maneuver through narrow pathways and operate efficiently in confined areas.

Safety and legality also play crucial roles in the operation of cherry pickers. It’s essential to ensure that operators are fully trained and certified to legally operate these machines. This not only guarantees compliance with regulations but also ensures that projects are completed safely and efficiently.

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Applications of cherry pickers – maximising efficiency and safety across various industries

Cherry pickers, often referred to as boom lifts or work platforms, are crucial equipment for a vast range of tasks across multiple sectors.

These versatile machines provide a secure and stable platform for workers, enabling them to perform their duties at elevated heights with greater ease and safety.

The applications of cherry pickers are extensive, catering to both indoor and outdoor use, making them indispensable for:

Maintenance and cleaning

For both internal and external applications, cherry pickers offer an unparalleled advantage. They are ideal for accessing high buildings, facilitating facade, gutter, and roof cleaning. This ensures a thorough and safe approach, significantly surpassing the limitations of ladders.

Whether it’s for the upkeep of commercial buildings or residential properties, hiring a cherry picker can streamline the cleaning process, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Painting and decorating

Cherry pickers provide stable access to high walls and structures, making them perfect for painting or decorating projects. Their ability to reach various working heights and navigate around obstacles allows for a more detailed and high-quality finish.

This equipment is particularly beneficial for both indoor and outdoor painting tasks, where precision and safety are paramount.

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Installation tasks

Essential for installing or repairing items at height, such as CCTV cameras, lighting, or signage, cherry pickers offer the flexibility and reach needed to complete such tasks efficiently.

Whether the job is indoors, within compact spaces, or outdoors, the range of cherry pickers available for hire ensures that there is a machine suitable for every specific need, including electric models for indoor applications and diesel-powered options for outdoor use.

Tree surgery

In the trade of arboriculture, cherry pickers are a critical tool. They allow arborists to reach high branches safely, facilitating tasks such as pruning or tree removal.

The use of cherry pickers in tree surgery minimises the risk associated with climbing, making it a safer and more efficient option.

Construction and engineering:

Cherry pickers facilitate access to difficult-to-reach areas in construction sites, enhancing safety and efficiency. The availability of compact models makes them especially useful in constrained spaces, ensuring that construction and engineering projects can proceed without the need for extensive scaffolding.

The versatility of cherry pickers, able to pay their way from one week to the next, makes them a cost-effective solution for various construction needs.

Film and photography

For the creative industries, cherry pickers offer unique vantage points for capturing shots from elevated heights. They are preferred in film production and photography for their ability to provide stable and adjustable platforms.

The flexibility of cherry pickers, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, allows for the creation of dynamic and compelling visual content.

Hire of cherry pickers is a versatile solution that significantly contributes to the efficiency and safety of operations across numerous industries.

From building maintenance and construction to creative pursuits in film and photography, the range of applications for this essential piece of equipment is vast.

By selecting the right cherry picker for the job—considering factors such as working height, indoor or outdoor use, and power options—businesses and tradespeople can ensure that their projects are completed safely, efficiently, and to the highest standards.

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Benefits of hiring a cherry picker – enhancing operational excellence

The decision to opt for cherry picker hire brings a host of benefits, making it an indispensable choice for businesses and contractors seeking a blend of safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in their operations.

As a premier work platform, cherry pickers stand out for their ability to provide a secure and stable environment for various tasks, significantly reducing the risk of falls compared to traditional methods such as ladders or scaffolding. Let’s delve deeper into the advantages of hiring a cherry picker for your next project.

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Safety is paramount in any operation, and cherry pickers excel in providing a safe work platform. By reducing the risk of falls, they ensure that workers can perform their tasks with confidence.

The features of a cherry picker, such as a secure basket with limited access and automatic safety functions, contribute to a safer work environment. Moreover, the stability of these platforms allows for safer handling of materials and tools, even at significant heights.

Reach and flexibility

One of the standout benefits of cherry picker hire is the unparalleled reach and flexibility it offers. Cherry pickers are equipped with features that allow for extensive outreach, enabling access to high and hard-to-reach areas with ease.

This flexibility is further enhanced by the variety of models available, each designed to meet specific outreach and weight requirements. Whether the task involves navigating tight spaces or reaching over obstacles, the right cherry picker can automatically adjust to provide the best solution.


Hiring a cherry picker can be a more cost-effective solution compared to the outright purchase of such equipment, especially for one-off or infrequent tasks. The hire option eliminates the need for long-term storage, maintenance, and insurance costs associated with equipment ownership.

Tool hire companies also offer competitive rates and tailored advice on selecting the right cherry picker for the job, ensuring that you pay only for the features and hours you need, without any unnecessary expenses.

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Simplified legal requirements

An additional advantage of hiring a cherry picker from a specialised company is the alleviation of the need for specific operating licenses. Operating a cherry picker requires specialised certifications due to the potential hazards and complexity involved.

Opting for a cherry picker hire with an operator option, offered by many rental companies, means you can bypass the necessity for these special permits and certificates. This not only simplifies the process for those who may not have the required qualifications but also ensures that your project is handled by experienced professionals, further enhancing safety and efficiency on-site.


Efficiency is at the heart of cherry picker benefits. These work platforms can complete tasks faster and more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.

The battery-powered or diesel-operated options ensure that cherry pickers can work for extended hours, thereby maximizing productivity.

Additionally, the convenience of having the right tool for the job—be it a cherry picker with specific height, outreach, or weight capacities—means tasks can be completed more swiftly and with higher quality results.

Cherry picker hire presents a compelling case for those looking to enhance safety, reach, flexibility, and efficiency in their operations. With the added benefits of cost-effectiveness and access to specialized advice and features, hiring a cherry picker becomes an attractive option for a wide range of tasks.

Whether it’s for construction, maintenance, installation, or any other activity that requires elevated access, opting for a cherry picker hire can significantly contribute to the success and safety of your projects.


Elevating your projects with our specialised 25-metre cherry picker hire

Opting for cherry picker hire presents a comprehensive solution that enhances a broad spectrum of tasks with unparalleled safety, expansive reach, and superior efficiency.

Whether your project encompasses demanding cleaning operations, meticulous maintenance, substantial construction, or innovative creative endeavours, our cherry picker provides the essential flexibility and safety needed for impeccable execution.

Choosing to hire a cherry picker for your upcoming projects not only maximises these benefits but also transforms your approach to tackling high-reach tasks.

The importance of selecting a cherry picker that precisely meets the demands of your project, along with strict adherence to safety and operational protocols, cannot be overstated. This careful selection ensures the smooth progression of tasks and upholds the highest safety standards for everyone involved.

We are proud to offer a special cherry picker with a remarkable reach of up to 25 metres, designed to excel in any task you have at hand. This exceptional piece of equipment is a game-changer, providing the versatility and capacity to handle even the most challenging projects with ease and efficiency.

Instead of simply encouraging you to seek advice, we invite you to take a decisive step towards enhancing your project’s success by hiring our specialised 25-metre cherry picker.

This powerful and versatile machine is ready to elevate your project, ensuring that no task is beyond reach.

Contact us today to hire the cherry picker that stands ready to meet and exceed your project’s needs, embodying the pinnacle of safety, efficiency, and flexibility.

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